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gillian anderson

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BORN NAME : Gillian Leigh Anderson
BIRTH DATE : August 09, 1968
BIRTH PLACE : Chicago, Illinois
EDUCATION : DePaul University
Studio Fan Mail/Gillian Anderson
1122 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90035
250 North Robertson Blvd. Suite 518
Beverly Hills CA 90211
HEIGHT : 157 cm
Clyde Klotz (separated); Rodney Rowland
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Born in Chicago, Illinois on August 9th, 1968, Gillian Anderson grew up to become a famous Hollywood star on one of the most widely watched television shows of the '90s.
Gillian's parents, Ed and Rosemary, were die-hard hippies who were originally from Michigan. They decided to move to England when Gillian was only 2 years old. Gillian attended Coleridge Junior School in Crouch End, North London, which is where her parents settled upon their move to England. Her mom worked as a computer operator for The Daily Mirror, while her father completed his studies in the film genre.
Even though Gillian had adopted an English accent whilst residing there, she was constantly teased by her peers growing up. She was exceptionally short as a child, and apparently had an attitude problem to boot -- so perhaps is wasn't just about her accent.
Unlike her television character Dana Scully, Gillian has no qualms about admitting that she wasn't the smartest child -- in fact, she wasn't interested in Science in the least. Her interest was not in school subjects, but rather the boys that attended class with her.
Although she's a great actress now, acting was not one of Gillian's interests growing up. She did appear in a play at her school, but that was only because she was behind the stage when another girl got dismissed from her role.
Gillian and her family moved to Harringay, still in North London, and she had to transfer to another school. The nightmarish new start was replaying itself and Gillian, determined not to let this sort of thing happen to her once again, ended up becoming one of the bullies that she abhorred so very much.
By the time she was 13 years of age, Gillian's parents decided to return to the US, settling back in Michigan -- Grand Rapids to be exact. Gillian thought her newfound environment was quite lackluster and because she always considered herself British, she had a difficult time adjusting to an American lifestyle.
At 15, Gillian returned to London for a leisure visit and got hooked on the New Wave music scene. Shocking everyone upon her return to Michigan, Gillian began dressing like a punk. Becoming as outrageous as humanly possible, she wore black lipstick, a nose stud, a safety pin through her cheek, she even shaved part of her head, and dyed the hair that she did have purple.
Looking back now, Gillian remembers the reason for her rebellion: when she was 13, her parents had two more children, a boy and a girl. She became resentful and began acting out by becoming a punk and misbehaving in school.
Begging for attention and unable to get it, Gillian left home and began dating a 24-year-old punk musician. She found herself sleeping on friends' floors and in dilapidated warehouses.
Although they dated for 3 solid years, they split up when Gillian won a spot in the Goodman Theatre School. It was at this time when she really began feeling as though she fit into her own skin. She instantly became more content with her life once she started acting.
She landed her first professional job when she was only a teenager. Fittingly enough, the job was a commercial for acne lotion. Eventually, she began getting various stage roles. Taking her vocation very seriously, Gillian always showed up for rehearsals on time and really delved deep into her roles.
When she finally landed a juicy part on the now popular television show The X-Files, Gillian never imagined that it would become as big as it has. As luck would have it, she also found happiness in her personal life, having married Clyde Kotz after only a three-month romance. The happy couple has a baby girl named Piper, whom Gillian is very protective over.
Besides her television success, Gillian has starred in a movie version of her television show entitled The X-Files: Fight The Future. She has also co-starred in other movies such as Playing By Heart, The Mighty and Chicago Cab just to name a few.
Although David Duchovny is branching out from his role of Fox Mulder on their successful show, Gillian is remaining with her new co-star, Robert Patrick.